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How to capture specific Action in Audit Trail

Question asked by hiten.rastogi on Mar 17, 2016

We have a specific requirement where we want to capture action through Audit Trail feature like Download or View in Browser actions. Right now for these actions we see a general value(in the end) in audit trail, which make it impossible to determine whether it has been downloaded or viewed.

What can I do to differentiate between the actions and capture them like move or copy action?

Audit value for Download or Read.

    /alfresco-access/transaction/sub-actions = readContent
    /alfresco-access/transaction/action = READ
    /alfresco-access/transaction/type = cm:content
    /alfresco-access/transaction/path = /app:company_home/st:sites/cm:audit/cm:documentLibrary/cm:share-config-custom.xml
    /alfresco-access/transaction/user = admin