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CMIS + Solr + Highlighting

Question asked by swanands on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2013 by swanands

I have a peculiar requirement where I need to <strong> Search by using OpenCMIS and highlight the Search Hits</strong>:

1. Get all the documents (in my case HTMLs) where a certain keyword occurs (done using Open CMIS queries, able to get the resultset using CONTAINS)

2. Generate the list of results in the following structure (<a href="">Something like this</a>):-
    -File Name
    -Small fragment from the HTML file where search key is present <blockquote>(Able to get the file names and loop them to generate the list but not able to fetch the fragment)</blockquote>

3.On clicking on the above fragment or the file name, navigate the user to the corresponding HTML page and highlight the Search Key in it<blockquote> (Cannot product a link for that file name which will open that HTML in the browser. Highlighting is the next step after this) </blockquote>

I have gone through lot of <a href="
">threads</a> regarding the Search but couldn't find the answer for generating the link for HTML and highlighting the searched word in it.

Do I have to use <a href=""><strong>Lucene Contrib</strong> </a> for Highlighting or does it come out of the box with Solr_Alfresco 4+?

<a href="">This blog</a> was very useful but it is for Lucene not Solr and older version of Alfresco.

<a href="">This blog </a>doesn't use Open CMIS for searching & highlighting is not mentioned.

Any kind of help is appreciated,