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Deploying Activiti Workflows

Question asked by mtw999 on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by mtw999

I was working through the Advanced Workflow examples in the article. The article is based on Activiti 5.7 and I have 5.11. As a result, files produced with Activiti Diagrammer differ.

So, with Activiti Plug-in I have the ability to create a deployment of my workflow which generates a bar file that contains the bpmn20.xml file.

I realize I can use the Activiti Workflow Console to deploy that bar file or I can unzip the bar file and use the bpmn20.xml in bean config for workflow deployment (or I can just copy the .bpmn file from diagrammer to bpmn20.xml)

I was just curious though, can I also deploy the bar file from the bean config? If so, what is the mimetype the bar file?