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Getting email into Alfresco Share (Community)

Question asked by amelein on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by jpotts
I'm trying to use alfresco community (201602) as a quick fix to offload a shared mailbox with lots of documents flowing into it but i'm having trouble getting the email contents itself to show in Alfresco.
I tried adding Alfresco as IMAP on the desktop and then dragging emails into there, this produces .EML files in Alfresco that cannot be previewed.
Is there a way to do this the other way around where Alfresco itself can build up an IMAP connection to the mail server and pull emails from a certain folder ? So far my searches ended up in Alfresco itself being the IMAP server.

The other option I'm thinking of is to somehow convert the email to pdf but not entirely sure how to go about that either.

If anyone else has ideas on how to accomplish something like this with the community version that would be appreciated.
My Alfresco runs on CentOS 7.