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Creating a site within activiti workflow

Question asked by tm on Feb 27, 2013
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is there any way to access a surf-root-object from within a (script)user-task in an activiti workflow? I'd like create a site, which works well, but I need to create the preset too. Using a share-webscript works like expected which is expectable, but now I'm "stuck" with the WF and as far as I can see things there is no way to access the variable "sitedata".
A possible workaround would be to call my share-webscript from the WF as this would also have the benefit of reducing code-duplication (1 createCertSite-code to rule them all) but I haven't found out how to do that too..

Apart from this I have some troubles getting the correct identifier for a "description-id" in my share-config-custom. What is the expected entry in the .properties file for a description? Something along "prefix_workflowModelName.XXXX"? Messed around but couldn't get it displayed in the WF.

<config ..>
    <field id="testName" set="items" description-id="testNameDesc" />

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