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iOS Alfresco App version 2.2 does not display menus or content

Question asked by robertscally on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by mikeh
Hi All,

Menu items and content does not display on the Alfresco app version 2.2 and 2.2.1

After connecting to the Alfresco server, a message
"The configuration file has been updated
Configuration Updated" appears for a few seconds at the top of the screen.

When I click on the "Alfresco Server" button, it shows a message "Your Alfresco Administrator has switched off this feature" and I am unable to edit the main menu

The menus and content displayed without a problem before the 2.2 update.

It is happening on:
iPad Air iOS version is: 9.2.1 (13D15)
Alfresco version is: 4.2.c Community Edition

Anybody experience this issue or know why it is happening?