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MySQL to postgreSQL

Question asked by enkidu on Aug 13, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2013 by enkidu
Hi mates, i have an old alfresco installation 3.4 which comes with mysql. now i wanna upgrade alfresco up to 4.2.
i guess if i go on with mysql the upgrade isnt that painful.. but what if i want to use postgresql.

why is it that alfresco didnt come up with a migration tool. something like a wizard which doin all the painful stuff for u. is there something?

or did i have to export the mysql database then use a 3rd party application which converts the mysql export format to a postgresql format that can be used, cross my fingers and pray to god, vishnu, odin, zeus and all the other gods out there?

alfresco upgrades should be something like: "select old alfresco directory" -> "next" -> "choose target database" -> finish.. would be a dream but until now its more like a nightmare.