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Question asked by mtw999 on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2013 by mtw999

I was creating some workflows based on Advanced Workflow Developer article from I encountered a few things (I'm using Activiti 5.11)

1) No matter what I save my Process name as (via Diagrammer)it defaults to MyProcess. I have to make sure I change it in the xml file. Known issue or am I missing something?

2) I defined a content model for my workflow where my task is associated to a content type. The task content type has properties. Once I have properties defined, these properties show up in the task form regardless of whether they are configured in web-client. If I configure in web-client I can provide labels, etc.

Is this the expected behavior, that, by default anything defined as a property of the task type will show up in the form?
Is there a way to suppress visibility of the property?
Can you enforce ordering within the form of where the properties display? In my case, two of the props are t top of form (one configured for webclient, the other not) and the third property is near bottom of form.