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Create New Tag Problem (Tag Manager)

Question asked by bopolissimus on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by dvieira
I'm trying to create Tags in Share.  Initially there are no tags.  This repository started life as alfresco community 3.4.[something] and has been upgraded to alfresco community 4.2.c.  I see the same issue though with a repository that hasn't been upgraded (newly installed as alfresco community 4.0.d).

The <a href="">instructions</a> indicate that there should be an Actions column, e.g.

<a href="">in this example plus screenshot from "Alfresco Share" by Amita Bhandari et al (select the first Page found by that search)</a>

However, I don't get that.  Instead I have this <a href="">screenshot</a>.  Do I need to have at least one tag before I can get those columns?  How do I create the *first* tag?

I've set the alfresco version in the dropdown below to 4.2.c.  I've seen this, however in 4.0.d, 4.2.b and 4.2.c.

Thanks for any pointers.

Gerald Quimpo