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Change results URL in AIkau faceted search page

Question asked by tonyrivet on Mar 25, 2016
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I have some difficulties customizing the Aikau faceted search page, which may be more a matter of lack of my knowledge about dojo/AMD.

What I want to do is to replace the document details page URL by a download URL.

I extended the Search Results Widget to include my own custom module :

var searchResultWidget = widgetUtils.findObject(model.jsonModel, "id", "FCTSRCH_SEARCH_RESULT");
if(searchResultWidget) { = "mynamespace/search/CustomAlfSearchResult";

I understand search results URLs are rendered this way : AlfSearchResult module > uses SearchResultPropertyLink module > mixins _SearchResultLinkMixin renderer > bring the "generateSearchLinkPayload" function > renders URLs depending on the result type

I want to override this "generateSearchLinkPayload" function but I can't figure out what is the best way to do that.

Thanks in advance for the help !