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Extending the root scoped CMIS object

Question asked by tara-t on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by tara-t
Hi All,

Can anyone tell me where the spring context file is that defines the root-scoped CMIS object?  I am trying to create a web script that adds and edits custom aspects. From the CMIS webinar by Jeff Potts, I have an example in the Foundation API of what I need to do - add the Alfresco-created OpenCMIS extension as a parameter. In Java it looks like this:

// Set the alfresco object factory
// Used when using the CMIS extension for Alfresco for working with aspects
parameter.put(SessionParameter.OBJECT_FACTORY_CLASS, "org.alfresco.cmis.client.impl.AlfrescoObjectFactoryImpl");

I think I will either have to extend the CMIS root object Java class or create my own CMIS root object - can someone point me to where this is configured?

Also, what is the difference between adding web scripts in the share (web-extension) and the alfresco (extension) directories?  Alfresco web scripts seem to have access to a much greater list of root scoped objects, so I'm wondering why a web script would be placed in the web-extension directory.