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[Issue]: Alfresco+Siteminder: Issues in downloading content from Alfresco repo

Question asked by maqsood on Feb 28, 2013

I am facing an issue while accessing/ downloading the content from alfresco repository. below is the details of same:

- A custom form is designed in Alfresco Share (v4.1.1) which has got provision to upload two images.
- I am trying to access/ download those images from alfresco repository by using the below URL and appended the valid ticket as a request param:

https://<host>:<port>/alfresco/d/d/workspace/SpacesStore/23feafb0-f962-480f-9c06-17e58f44b986/Desert.jpg?alf_ticket=<ticket value>

- Since Alfresco and Share both are integrated with Siteminder, where in the below URL is protected, my requests is being redirected to siteminder login page.

Can anyone give any pointer/ help, how I can get the content out of repository by passing the siteminder login..

Appreciate any help!

- M Khan