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Online-Edit in FF with Office 2007?

Question asked by awnline on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by oli

At our firm the online-edit function is the most important one.

Using the Internet Explorer (IE) made no problems.
Firefox didnt show up the "Online-Edit" "Button"…

Ok, there seems to be a webdav problem?

Anywho, it now shows up in Firefox as well (now using https) but the new error shows:

Plugin for browser missing (FF), please install plugin: Microsoft Office 2010 (nice plugin ^^)

Question now is:

Is there any possibility, to use Alfresco together with Office 2007,
and of course with an available and working "online-edit" button?

(And by the way, does anyone have any experiences with with alfresco and Office 2013 bundle ?)

Thank you very much and
Greetings from Frankfurt,