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Fastest file access layer (etl files from alfreso)

Question asked by dhartford on Aug 15, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by dhartford
Hi all,
I'm curious if anyone can provide recommendations or numbers (or discouragement) around the best way to access files from within Alfresco to be consumed by an ETL tool (SSIS, Pentaho ETL, Talend, etc).

For example most of the ETL tools could use CIFS, WebDAV, NFS, or FTP - what are people's experiences when using these services given an ETL usecase (say, 1GB or 10GB text files to be read by the ETL tool)?

(or, is there a more advanced approach if the alfresco alf_data is on a SAN that can be directly mounted by the ETL tool for read-only access)

Thanky for any input!