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Question asked by blb on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2016 by jpotts
HI !

I really don't understand why my query doesn't work.

SELECT cmis:versionSeriesId as id,cmis:name as name,cmis:contentStreamMimeType as type,cmis:creationDate as created_at,cmis:lastModificationDate as updated_at from cmis:document AS D where IN_FOLDER ( D, 'workspace://SpacesStore/4cd9b8a9-c06a-4ab5-a231-356c3b40c6d1') OR IN_FOLDER ( D, 'workspace://SpacesStore/b79cb920-c90b-4629-b8c0-0bdbc26fdf46') ORDER BY cmis:lastModificationDate DESC&succinct=true

If my query containts just one IN_FOLDER everything seems to be ok.

I exec this query with curl.

Which is the "best" solution to retrieve all documents in a folder and his sub-folders ?

I use a recursive function to do this.

Thx !