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Semi-virtual folders

Question asked by melanielewis on Aug 20, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by d.evil
Hello -
I set up a semi-virtual folder in Alfresco Workdesk. The plug-in is set up properly as far as I can tell, the column/preview properties are working without issues. The plug-in isn't pulling the search template however. I have followed instructions to set up the semi-virtual folder but when I open it, the virtual folders are not displayed. the documents pull back on the right hand-side screen without being categorized. I set up the mimetype to invoke the plug-in which is working up to the point of using the search template. Am I missing something? The search template is in the 'other' folder as it should be.

I just noticed that the '+' by the root folder flashes for a second and disappears when i open a new folder. What could that be due to?