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Maven Community SNAPSHOT deploy

Question asked by mibesis on Aug 22, 2013

I am building current Alfresco Source (REV 54387) from the Public SVN repo.

In file $SRC/maven.xml:25 is a comment: "For a Community SNAPSHOT deploy you can run it with: ant -f continuous.xml maven-deploy"
When I ran this command, I get: "fail-if-build-number-is-unset: [echo] Maven deployment targets need to be run in continuous.xml environment, as they depend on set-build-number. Failing…"

I have not really looked into the continuous.xml/maven.xml, have to admit it. But eather way, I was expecting some other result/output.

What I am trying to achieve is: to get the Maven artifact "alfresco-web-client" to my local M2 repository. It is working for/with 4.2.c, but not 4.2.d (4.2.0-QA-SNAPSHOT, current HEAD). I do not find Maven artifact (pom.xml) for "alfresco-web-client" in the source tree. What am I missing here?