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Looking for remote Alfresco/Solr Email Consultancy

Question asked by housni on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by gawadesk
About us:

We're developer based in the UK and Sri Lanka. We work primarily with Angular.js and Drupal, in which we have particular expertise.

We have a capable development team - however, we do not have as much expertise in Alfresco and its interaction with Solr, which is why we would like to speak to a consultant with experience in this area.

Our project:

For our current project, we're using Angular.js and Drupal as the CMS, working in Conjunction with Alfresco.

Our system contains 600+GB of files, for which we thought Drupal's file-handling is inadequate. We needed a system with sophisticated file-tagging and indexing.

We thought it would be useful to use Alfresco for this use-case.

In this system, Alfresco is the outsourced filesystem. Drupal communicates with Alfresco via the CMIS API using Apache Chemistry. This interaction works well.

We have also opened up Alfresco's custom Solr4 war and used it to index Drupal's content. The Alfresco and Drupal cores within Solr seem to operate just fine.

The application itself operates as it expects.

However, we have run into scalability problems with Alfresco and in particular with its Solr indexes, as we move infrastructure and scale for load.

Our problem(s):

-When migrating between environments, Solr indexes need to be rebuilt it seems.
    -We have triggered a reindex operation yesterday. It hasn't yet completed 22 hours later.
    -I have no way of tracking how long it's will take because of this known Alfresco issue:
-We are unsure of the best approach on scaling Alresco and Solr's file-system for our use-case.
-We are concerned about disaster-recovery scenarios  - if it takes several days to rebuild an index, we'll have issues with our clients.

Our requirements:

-We primarily require a consultant to offer advice via email according to a timesheet arrangement.
-We do not require development to be carried out - we have our own developers that are able to act themselves and fix bugs.
-We'd like to be able to contact someone about best-practice on a longer-term basis too if possible.