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Zimbra Webscript shows as zip?

Question asked by anhu on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2014 by igorcomputacao
Hello @ all,

I want Install the Zimbra integration and i do all of the Readme file. (
When I do this Points:

1. Alfresco: navigate to "Company Home/Data Dictionary/Web Scripts Extensions"
        folder and Import "" file
2. Alfresco: restart Alfresco server or refresh web scripts:

I see in the folder "Web Scripts Extensions" only the file and in service nothing  from Zimbra.
I that the right way: Go to Folder "Web Sripts Extension" push the button Upload and Upload the zip file? that is the same workflow as upload an document?

I use Alfresco 4.2c an i am a newbie, it's my first Alfresco.

Many Thanks!
Regards Andreas