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Set folder icon/thumbnail with image reside in repository

Question asked by melttech on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2013 by melttech

Im using Alfresco community v4.2 and i want t see this feature only in Alfresco Explorer

I want to change the folder icon to an image. The image should be found inside the repository (for example under Company Home/User Homes/User1/)
So everytime an image is uploaded under Company Home/User Homes/User1/, the image will be transform to a thumbnail and set as its parent icon.

I know we can change the folder icon by javascript but the image must be available in alfresco/images folder. How can i get the image from alfresco repository Company Home/User Homes/User1/?

All I want to do is to set the user photo as their folder icon.

Anyone has an idea how to do this?