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How to include a new client side javascript dependency into form.get.html.ftl

Question asked by douglascrp Moderator on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by douglascrp

I'm trying to include a new dependency for form.get.html.ftl using a extension module.

My custom ftl file contains the following code:

<@markup id="group-member-form-control-dependencies" target="js" action="after" scope="global">
   <@script src="${url.context}/res/components/object-finder/group-member.js" group="form"/>

But it seems my code is ignored.

The extension module definition is:
            <id>Custom group member form control dependencies</id>

What I ended up doing is including the dependency using share-config:

                <js src="/components/object-finder/group-member.js" />