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499 timeouts when viewing details on a large Group Review and Approve Workflow

Question asked by throwback on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by throwback
Hi Y'all,

So I've done a slightly dumb thing- assigned a Group Review and Approve Workflow to a group containing 300 odd users. All seems to be working great, apart from when I view the details of the workflow in the "Workflows I've started" dashboard I get a generic "Failure" message after 120s. Other large group workflows (not quite so large) I've created work, they just take some time to display the details. So I reckon this is just an internal time-out - I figure if I can increase the timeout I can just wait and eventually Alfresco will compose the view details page correctly.

The errors I'm getting in the logs are attached, as well as a screenshot (ok, forum won't let me post that, but its just the view details page, blank, with "failure" bang in the middle of it) showing corresponding error in the Share web interface.

I found the following bug on JIRA with a similar error, but I’m not sure how to define the timeout described in the fix- cannot find the corresponding config file in Alfresco 4.0.d:

I would consider upgrade to 4.2.c to see if this resolves, but we make extensive use of the Sharepoint integration and it is just too broken in 4.2.x for us to use, so we are holding out for a later release. Running test environments in both. Would be handy to figure out how to tweak this timeout to let me get the workflow status out in a coherent format without arguing with workflow console/pulling data through sql queries.

Any ideas anyone how I can increase the timeout "2013-03-08 16:36:09,974  INFO  [webscripts.connector.RemoteClient] [http-8080-25] Error status 499 Read timed out" so I can give Alfresco time to complete building the view details page?

Kind regards,

Iain Bagnall