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Strange version behavior after bulk import

Question asked by deisenlord on Mar 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by deisenlord
I've been using alfresco for about a month preparing to use it as a replacement for a SharePoint installation.  I've uploaded a set of version for a file using the bulk file system up loader.   This works perfectly fine although the the sequence of versions is a little odd.   It starts and one and in my case goes up to 83.0 and then the "head" or latest revision is stored as 83.1.   Now the really strange part.  If I add a new version via the share gui and say a new minor version (it says 83.2), it creates an 83.2, 83.3, 83.4 and the latest version 83.5 !!!!  

I know it must sound like I'm smoking something but to assure you I'm not so I have included screen grabs.



Any ideas?