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How to unset feed control as admin for other user

Question asked by bbiais on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by bbiais

I've a specific issue with the sites page in the user profile .

By default , this page displays 100 items max. But some users in our society have access to more than 100 sites so they can't turn off the flow of activities on multiples sites.

I know it's possible to configure Alfresco to display more site in the page but it's not a suitable solution for me.
I would like to manage this using script.

Referring to JavaScript API , there is <em>unsetFeedControl</em> method to disable the flow for a specific site for the currently logged in user.

However, I didn't find similar method to disable, as admin, the flow for a specific site AND a specific user.

Is there another ways to accomplish this?

Thanks for your help!