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Alfresco Web Quick Start (WQS) vs Alfresco Web Editor (AWE)

Question asked by ksudhir.sethi on Apr 25, 2016
I am very new to Alfresco. i saw a couple of documentation and could not still able to figure out what is the difference between - Alfresco Web Quick Start (WQS) vs Alfresco Web Editor (AWE). Is there a dependency between one vs second? are both of these available in community edition?

Second - when I tried to install and play around with both of these I saw "awe.war" is bundled in both the distro - alfresco-wcmqs-5.1.e and alfresco-webeditor-5.1.e. So does it mean that wcmqs is dependent on web editor?

I am looking for an editor which will provide "in-context/inline editing" and "preview" features which I saw being there in plain Alfresco community edition. what extra features WQS and AWE provide?

Sudhir Sethi