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Backup/restore process

Question asked by art99trash on Apr 26, 2016
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I am trying to create a backup/restore process for my Alfresco Community 5 installation.

The documentation ( states:

By default, the dir.root contains both the contentstore and indexes. For a cold backup, back up the database and the content, and perform a full reindex when a backup is restored. A full reindex can be a time consuming process, so these steps include the indexes in the backup, removing the need to perform a reindex.
Stop Alfresco.
Back up the database Alfresco is configured to use, using your database vendor's backup tools.
In parallel, backup the dir.root directory (only the contentstore and contentstore.deleted directories).
Backing up the contentstore.deleted directory is optional.

Store both the database and dir.root backups together as a single unit.
For example, store the backups in the same directory or compressed file.

Start Alfresco.

However, it is a bit confusing when it states "removing the need to perform a reindex" but the steps
say to only back up the contentstore contentstore.deleted directories.

Can anyone explain exactly what needs to be backed up?