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WebCMIS: Pure HTML/JavaScript client that connects directly to Alfresco repo

Question asked by nicolasraoul on Aug 29, 2013
Both Alfresco Share and Alfresco Explorer are applications that run on top of the Alfresco repository.

<a href="">WebCMIS</a> is different: it has no server-side code, instead communicating directly to the Alfresco repo.


- Half the network traffic
- Less CPU/RAM load on server, about the same load on client
- Trivial to customize
- 100% CMIS standard
- Need JavaScript
- No workflows, no Share goodies.
- Rudimentary for now - patches welcome :-)

<a href="">Here is a live demo using Alfresco</a> (login/password: admin/admin)

Open Source:

Thanks to Alfresco for being the first ECM product to implement CMIS 1.1 Browser Binding!
Nicolas Raoul