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Long Term Job Opportunity - Alfresco Subject Matter Expertise

Question asked by k_bhaskar on Apr 29, 2016
We are looking for a Alfresco certified senior level subject matter expert (SME) that is skilled and experienced in building and tuning enterprise content management systems.

Job Location - Washington DC

Client - Federal

Duration - 3+ years

Start Date - (Estimate) - Last week of May 2016.

Here is the detailed job description.

1. Expert level understanding of the Alfresco architecture.
2. Ability to make informed decisions on how to install and configure an Alfresco system for production environments.
3. Ability to monitor an Alfresco system and understand how to properly conduct preventative maintenance.
4. Expert level understanding of how to manage content storage areas and indexes in an Alfresco production environment.
5. Ability to troubleshoot and address problems that may arise when running Alfresco in a production environment.
6. Understand all aspects of Alfresco security management, authentication and providing reliability through backup, recovery and clustering
7. Certification as an Alfresco Certified Engineer.
8. Familiarity with Linux systems.
9. Expert level experience in Alfresco AMP developments.
10. Expert level knowledge of the Apache Solr and Apache Zookeeper architecture.
11. Expert level knowledge in Apache Solr and Apache Zookeeper administration.
12. Ability to design and configure Apache Solr to meet business search requirements.

If interested send an email with your resume ASAP to k underscore bhaskar007 at