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Connect Alfresco with an ERP for document management

Question asked by shibu on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2013 by shibu
I have a requirement to connect Alfresco with an ERP(Developed using DOT NET technology.) for document management. The requirement is like;
When the ERP users uploads documents, those documents should be stored in Alfresco by following some document structure. Each ERP users will have an account in Alfresco, So while uploading documents in ERP, an API should be provided there to save those documents in Alfresco of that particular user's account. And while ERP users trying to download their documents, those documents also should come from Alfresco. So how can I create APIs for achieving this requirement?

I am new to Alfresco, so please tell me, where I have to start , and what are all the things I have to do for this….?