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Alfresco Community 3.2.2 to Enterprise 3.2.2 in Linux

Question asked by subhajitsen on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by subhajitsen

I want to install Alfresco Community 3.2.2 in Linux environment with Oracle as database. I want to create web forms in it. After few months I want to convert the same installation with the created web forms and oracle database to Alfresco Enterprise 3.2.2 version.

Following are my questions:

1> Can I install Alfresco Community 3.2.2 with Oracle database in Linux? Few of the post says that Community with Oracle not possible.
2> If I put only the license key into the Alfresco Community 3.2.2 - linux and restart. This is the only change required to make the installation Enterprise? Will it work?

3> or do I need to un-install Community 3.2.2 and install afresh Enterprise 3.2.2 with license key?

Request to answer my questions.

Thanks in advance