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Some Users Cannot Map to Alfresco Drive

Question asked by on Mar 14, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2013 by mrogers

We are running Alfresco 3.4.d on Linux and it's synched with Active Directory.

All users are able to login successfully to Alfresco via the web interface.We also need to be able to map a drive to Alfresco.

The problem is some users can map the drive successfully others cannot.

I have determined that this is due to a desktop configuration issue. Using my regular account, I can map to the Alfresco drive from one Windows 7 computer, but I cannot do so when I try to map from a different Windows 7 computer. In this case, I am prompted for my username and password, and these are never accepted.

All our Windows 7 Pro desktops have SP1 and the latest Windows updates.

On a sidenote, I had done some searching and one suggestion was to add a line in the destop's hosts file. This did not work. The hosts file on the computer from where I can successfully map a drive has no entries and remains at its default.

What configuration on the desktop is required to allow mapping to an Alfresco drive?