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ICA-Atom Communication

Question asked by reynanuy on Aug 30, 2013
Hi. I work for a government institution and enterprise data description has been going well with Alfresco here, however recently ICA-Atom has been requested by some users and thus we are investigating how to have it coexist with Alfresco; without any kind of data redundancy. Therefore we would like to know if any of you have come across a ICA-Atom to Alfresco integration and hopefully, what you have done about it. In our case we basically need to have a client with a ICA-Atom, access all the metadata stored through our Alfresco server. If ICA-Atom implemented CMIS, I think this would not be such a problem, but since it does not; we are at a loss on what to do. Furthermore one could argue if it should, since the product seems to be reduced primarily to data description and nothing more. Any and all help, you can offer to shed light on this issue, will be greatly appreciated by me and the rest of the team here. Thanks in advance.

Fernando Rey