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Upload Error

Question asked by sagaraliasjacky on May 3, 2016
Dear Team ,

        I am facing a rare problem in alfresco 4.2c war installation. I am using a java application to upload files to alfresco. I can only upload files with size less than 2MB. So I tried may possibilities like installing alfresco in app server itself, reindexing content store but everything results the same.

1) If i move the alfresco folder"alf_data" (dir.root=/var/alfresco/alf_data) and create  a new alf_data , I can upload any document with out any problem.

2) If I port-map the alfresco port 8080 to my app server , i can upload any document to the current alf_data itself with out any problem. With out it , I can upload only files less that 2MB.

Inference: I think there is no issue with the jars and application i use since I can upload any files if I port map or I need to create a new alf_data folder. So how can I resolve it.