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CMIS update delay

Question asked by lukas on Sep 1, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2013 by lukas
I have build java cmis client which creates a lot of folders through CMIS. (root_folder.createFolder(props))
After the folders were created, the java client copies some files to these folders.
Unfortunately i get always an error that these folders do not exists.
So I tried to query with the CMIS- Workbench SELECT * FROM em:eventfolder where em:eventfoldereventid=1234 during the script were generating these folders.
It seems that it takes up to some seconds until the folders are available for cmis-query.

Now i have set a 5 second delay between folder creation and file creation and it works.
But what will happen, if the server is under heavy load, than it might take more than 5 seconds…

Is there any way to ensure that all folder-creation cmis tasks are completed, before i resume with the file copy task?

Thank a lot for your help