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[SOLVED] Alfresco 4.2d - Thumbnails and My Files not working

Question asked by ebogaard on Sep 1, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2013 by ddraper
This weekend I've experimented with (a clean instal of) Alfresco 4.2d.

On first sight, it mostly looks to be working, but I encounter two problems with it:

1. No thumbnails are generated. Previews in the detail view work fine, thumbnails stay the default icons. Even after a restart of Alfresco and a hard-refresh of the page in Firefox. Because of this, for example the Gallery-view doesn't work at all.
2. After clicking on 'My Files' I get sent to what seems be (the root of) the Repository, only named 'My Files', instead of 'Repository'. I expect to be sent to "User Homes/Username". There actually is no folder for this user (admin), even though lazy creating isn't enabled.

Is this something others experience as well?