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Edit Online/SPP/AOS support for Visio and MS Project file formats

Question asked by seth on May 4, 2016
I am interested in whether or not the SPP module or the new AOS module supports online editing with Microsoft's Visio and MS Project applications.

Secondarily, I am interested in whether they work with the Edit Online action in Alfresco Share.
These are the relevant Alfresco issues, which hint to what is currently working:

This seems to point to that Edit Online could work in theory for Visio, but there is some necessary Javascript code missing in Share to provide the Visio protocol handler for the .vsd extension.

This points to that MS Project's mimetype needs to be added to the list of mimetypes for the Edit Online action. In practice, it probably also means that as with Visio, some Javascript code is missing to provide the MS Project protocol handler for .mpp files.

However, the real question is not whether online editing of these 2 formats is supported by Share, but whether they are supported by Alfresco's SPP/AOS modules. I can live with extending Share to provide the protocol handlers for these 2 formats, but I am most concerned that the backend (SPP/AOS) works correctly.

Has anyone tested online editing of these file formats? If so, with which versions of Visio/MS Project and Alfresco?

I would greatly appreciate if anyone shared their experiences with this. I don't have access to Visio/MS Project at the moment, so cannot test.