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What does it mean when SHARE knows the custom content model but Explorer doesn't?

Question asked by ustamills on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by ustamills
I have tried following Jeff Potts tutorial about creating custom content models.  It seems to work in Share.  I created a rule for a folder so that anything dropped there was defined as an "invoice".  When editing the rules in share all my custom content types are available.

When I go to explorer, I cannot see any of those custom content types.  I can edit the rule and the description says that any document is set to the "null" type.  If I try to use the content type dropdown in the rule editor, it's empty.  But the rule editor in Share works.

So Explorer and Share aren't seeing them the same way.  Any ideas what would cause that?  I'm not seeing any blatant errors in the logs.

And one POSSIBLY related thing: Could this stop localization from working?  I'm pretty sure I copied his example very carefully and put it in all the right directories.  But my SHARE forms all show custom content with those ugly names. Could this be coming from an Exlorer problem (or maybe it's just the Alfresco server?)