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How to embed WebPreviewer of contents to my own web application

Question asked by mhusam on Sep 3, 2013
i need to embed the alfresco viewer to my own web application to display those types of content:

1- Office Suite (dox,docx,xls,xlsx, …) and txt file.
2- Tiff, tif,GIF,JPG and PNG.
3- PDF.

i'm adding <embed> tag with all attribute but the WebPreviewer are generate not static flashvar or url parameter, i mean when i have to view JPG the url is different from PDF, i see that the flashvar url parameter generate 3 url static depends on the mimetype of the content, THAT'S WHAT I NEED?!

NOTE: i see that the alfresco generate it in WebPreviewer.js and web-preview.js and use to convert the content using ImageMagic stream internally to flash, The question is can i use those JS in alfresco to generate flashvar? or get the div embed tag? or if there is any API used to generate it like OpenCMIS API?