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Workdesk Development Docs Missing

Question asked by jodo on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by d.evil
There are great resources available for developing with Alfresco, except for customizing and programming the Alfresco Workdesk.

I've found a wiki at:

The PDFs I downloaded for Workdesk at: include end-user support docs, but no programming docs.

What I am working on: I would like to create Forms in Workdesk that update XML documents stored in Workdesk. I would also like to create screens to 'Show Records' based on Alfresco-stored XML documents, but only portions of the XML data, not the docs themselves.  Saving changes on the Form in Workdesk should use Alfresco's Revisions system to store the changes to the XML documents.  The new Roles I create would never see the XML documents stored on Alfresco, just the Forms in Workdesk.

Based on the limited Java Programming references available on customizing Alfresco Workdesk, I am recommending PHP+SOA/Web Service, instead of customizing Workdesk forms.  I did find this, but without documentation, it might not be feasible to roll it out:

Thanks for your time!

- Jodo