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Integrating the webPreviewer in another application

Question asked by darko_88 on Sep 5, 2013
Hi I am working on an application that need to incorporate the webpreviewer of Alfresco. I want to access the document not as a guest but as a specific user. I tried to use the cmis api for the retrievial of a document from alfresco and it worked. Now I want to implement the viewer of the document online. To avoid useless work I thought I can integrate the previewer of alfresco so I don't need to convert every document in flash and visualize it by myself. I tried to take the code of the div of the viewer from the page and paste it in my example jsp. It works only when I am authenticated in alfresco. I tried to use the ticket to access the link to the previewer by adding alf_ticket=TICKET_172917928…. at the end but it didn't work. -.-'
Any idea. I want to konw if this is possible to do or I must look for another way.
P.S I am using Alfresco community
Thanks in advance :)