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XML fragmentation

Question asked by premunir on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2013 by mitpatoliya
I have an XML document that is composed of 4 different XML fragments(object,state,test,definition). Each of these fragments utilize child XML elements that may be shared among other documents. e.g. state_childobject_00003 is used in 10 docs.

I am looking to split these documents into respective fragments, and then associate them with the parent document through alfresco. So that in event I require to change, state_childobject_00003_rev1, to another revision that it is then reflected to all associated documents that utilize it. Thus reducing administrative requirements for in upwards of 10k+ documents.

Is this possible through alfresco content modeling? May I construct a "manifest" XML document that "includes" other alfreso fragments, that then include the objects such as state_childobject_00003_rev1? If so, how would retrieval of this document then acquire associated fragments and present them all to the end-user?

- include OBJ1
- include STATE1
  – include STATE_1
- include TEST1
- include DEF1

- include OBJ2
- include STATE2
  – include STATE_1
- include TEST2
- include DEF2

Thanks. Thomas