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Citeck EcoS Journals - open source Alfresco addon

Question asked by citeck on May 11, 2016
We are the Citeck company. Recently we have developed and published new open source Alfresco addon - Citeck EcoS Journals.
"Journals" is developed for structuring the information which is displayed on the screen in tabular form. This module features allow to set finite data presentation flexibly. The choices and save filters, export data to various formats, group actions with selected items – these are just a small part of the module features.
In the module only one journal is set by default – content displaying. But there is an opportunity to create unlimited number of journals.

<li>Table structure and specified column displaying;</li>
<li>Filter creation and filter preservation;</li>
<li>Group actions with selected items;</li>
<li>Settings saving;</li>
<li>Data export in various formats;</li>
<li>Easy navigation through Journals;</li>
<li>Variation of journals presentation;</li>

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