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Question asked by abhishek2341 on May 12, 2016
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Hi Forum , let me tell u i am liferay developer and i'm having one requirement regarding Alfresco , so it almost completed but i/m stuck in the middle of my project so i reallyie need a expert opinion in this , kindly help me to clear this.

As my requirement is

i had integrated the alfresco in liferay . i can able to login to liferay using third party integration .
for that i had used CAS. now the when i clicked on sign_in button then it goes to third party when i enter BRUNO BRUNO then it will login in liferay portal then the problem comes.
At the time of login i can see the liferay portal , then the alfresco portlet is been not log in then i have to put the username and password
then only alfreso is been logged in

But when i clicked on sign out button then automatically
liferay and alfresco also logout means MY SINGLE SIGN OUT is working.

Note:- i had created a user in alfresco BRUNO BRUNO and same in Liferay ALso

how to do so that sign-in work????

This is link of mock screen how exactly it is looking, kindly have a look for better understanding.

For integration i had followed this link

Kindly looking for best answer from your community !