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LDAP-AD sync does not work

Question asked by hoomanv on Sep 7, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2013 by mrogers

Recently installed 4.2.d.
I configured ldap-ad subsystem as below.


I'm able to login to share with AD users so that's good. but synchronization does not work.
This is a fresh install and I have kept anything else at defaults, so synchronization is enabled and it must be triggered at start up as explained here :

I also tried triggering a sync through JMX, but I can only see MBeans -> Alfresco -> VirtServerRegistry
neither MBeans -> Alfresco -> Schedule nor MBeans -> Alfresco -> Configuration

Also tried setting the sync log level to debug and restarted the service but nothing seems to be logged. greped all log files but couldn't find anything useful.
My alfresco.log was last updated 3 days ago when I first installed alfresco. restarting alfresco does not seem to be affecting this log file.

Any help is appreciated.