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Migrate or upgrade?

Question asked by cepums on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by eswbitto

I have simple question -
* real computer with SSD (Windows 10 installed) and separate 4TB HDD (Alfresco Community 5.0d installed)

Now I want migrate all OS and Alfresco to new server on Hyper-V. So I will migrate Windows 10 to Hyper-V, but how I can migrate Alfresco to Hyper-V if it's installed on separate disk? Do I need put that HDD in server and configure Hyper-V to also use that HDD?

Or do I look for new Alfresco Community version (upgrade) and migrate Alfresco database (5.0d to new)? So if I will choose migrate Alfresco database, how I can do this?