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Alfresco/Drupal integration - proven cases

Question asked by stigadk on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2013 by fstnboy
Dear community members.

As an IT-consultant I’m working for a client who is requiring a solution for rather complex content management where the content are to be presented on a public facing website with complex functionality and ambition for single sourcing and more. I was asked to suggest a technology and have suggested an Alfresco/Drupal setup (rather than e.g. SharePoint wall to wall).
Now the client asks me for proven cases. I.e. cases where this dual solution has be implemented with success. I know that it’s potentially a good and sound setup. However it’s a fair question, and I hope you can help me:

-   Are any of you aware of cases where Alfresco has been used as the technology for CM (ingest, basic workflow, fairly complex metadata and search, longtime preservation and storage plans, and integrations to external repositories [read only]), and Drupal has been used for public facing presentation. The case should preferably be on public facing presentation. Cases from any region will be of interest, but cases from EMEA will be welcome in particular.
Thaks in advance. As always in consulting an answer ASAP will be appreciated 

Best regards, Stig Andersen, Denmark, Europe