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Request for easier to find documentation

Question asked by etech on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by jpotts
Hi there. First I wanted to say that I really like Alfresco so far - my company is adopting Community Edition as our first full fledged CMS. The open-source, flexible nature of it is really appealing to me as a developer (and of course the business likes the $0 down for the community edition).

One difficulty I've found so far though, is with the online documentation. It is really difficult to find sometimes, mostly because the best documentation I've found so far doesn't appear to even be accessible from any other pages. I only found it through a Google search.

While this wiki ( which appears in a lot of google searches is useful, I've found the docs.alfresco site to contain much more concise information, especially for setup, configuration, and administration. It's also specific to my version ( However, the docs.alfresco page for 4.2 isn't accessible from the main page, which only lists the 4.0 versions.

It would be VERY nice to have all versions of alfresco docs listed on the main page. Otherwise, the only way to access the 4.2 pages that I've found is through a Google search, and often I'll get results for a docs page for an older version, even if the latest version pages exist and cover the same topic.

Anyway, please consider putting a complete list of the<version> pages on the main page.