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4.0.b  SOLR Full Text Search?

Question asked by khanh on Mar 26, 2013
I have 4.0.b Community on Linux, and when I add a new document,
i can search the Name, Title and Description, but not the content (Full Text Search)

I'm using SOLR  and the  have it turned on,  in my

I verifed if i turn off the index,, the search does not work at all.

I've deleted the INDEX folder to make SOLR reindex. so new indexes are created.
Just seems that it's not indexing the text file, (for simple test).
What I can check or do to force it to index the content?

Is there anyway to verify if my solr installation is correct?
Log does not show any errors.

Thank you.

ps. As a simple test, I installed a brand new 4.0.b from scratch with default settings, and when i  add a document, it doesn't do Full Text Search from the default install either. So maybe Full Text Search doesn't work in 4.0.b??