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Change a name model or prefix produces internal inconsistences

Question asked by dmralfing on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by dmralfing
I don´t understand why, but sometimes when I change the prefix or name of any content model, it´s like my alfresco get crazy. When I restart, it appears errors like "a namespace prefix is not registered for uri …" referenced a URI that I´m not already using. I have been looking for this error around Internet, but I don´t find it in the case that you simply change the name/prefix of any model. I have deleted caches, reindexed the Solr…but I haven´t success, so I had to clean my schema to start with all new.
  I don´t understand why Alfresco doesn´t delete inside its database tables  information about models that we already deleted in the extensions folders. That produces serious inconsistences, I had to delete and create the database schema, it´s a joke!
  Somebody knows what I have to do if it happens again instead of clean my databases & alf_data?