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Question asked by rapa on Jul 1, 2010
Dear (potential) user of OpenWorkdesk,
Welcome to our forums.

Without registration you are able to browse all posts and get information and help. However, if you want get the most out of your installation of OpenWorkdesk I am asking you to register and become an active member of the OpenWorkdesk community. It is quite easy and takes just a view seconds. Simply presses the REGISTER button on the top right of this screen, fill out and submit the registration form. Shortly afterwards you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with log-in information.
After that you are able to post your own questions and suggestions and comment posts of other members. Furthermore, you are able to download in depth documentation about OpenWorkdesk.

The whole WeWebU OpenWorkdesk team, other members of the community and I personally are looking forward to an interesting and fruitful discussion with you.

Happy posting ;)

Rainer Pausch
- Head of Products and Marketing
- WeWebU Software AG